The Apology – Erotica Short 18+

She had made him horny one too many times whilst he was at work. Although she enjoyed having him hard and horny for her all day, she knew she had sent him one too many boob pics. There was only one way to make it up to him. She was going to have to turn up at his office naked, all but for her rain coat.

She approached his office door, took a deep breath and knocked. She opened the door to see him sat in his chair with a shocked look upon his face, it grew into a warm smile that reached his gorgeous blue eyes and then a bulge in his pants. He was alone in his office and he was looking sexy as fuck.

She sat on the edge of the desk in front of him, her legs either side of his and slowly unzipped her coat to reveal her naked body. “Mine” he growled. She stroked his stubble and took his tongue in her mouth and sucked it gently. He kissed back deeply, making her shiver with excitement as he explored her mouth.

She lay back on the desk, parting her legs and stroked her clit gently whilst he watched up close. Her other hand playing with her breasts. She slid one of her fingers inside her as she began to moan and drip for him. He could almost taste how wet she was.

As he watched her, it made her extra wet and horny for him. He couldn’t wait any longer and he unzipped his jeans. He had no boxers on and a rock hard cock in his hand. He stood up and slowly stroked all over her body, letting his hands feel and caress all of her skin before fucking her slowly and deeply on the desk, his strong hands squeezing her breasts and making her moan his name.

They came at the same time looking in each other’s eyes. She got to her knees, pushed him back in his seat and took his wet cock in her mouth. She began to suck him hard, tasting both of them. Her tongue circled his cock and she looked up at him with her fuck me eyes and asked “Am I forgiven?”, as she took him down her throat. His head fell back against the seat and his reply came out as a whisper “Yes baby, I think you are”.

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