Beginners guide to Anal Plugs and Review of the Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug

Anal sex can be a bit of a taboo especially in a long-term relationship or even solo if it is not something you have tried before. It can strike fear in some people and pleasure in others.

If you are a total newbie to using butt plugs and anal play then this review is for you. If you are more experienced please skip to the toy review below.

So you’re open and curious to try an anal plug, here are my top tips for getting started:

1. The first thing to do is go shopping but don’t get too greedy when it comes to size. You would think that bigger is better and that is not always true when it comes to anal. Buy something small or try a lubed up finger to start with and test your comfort zone. Build in size gradually and you will have more pleasure trying it and less chance of injury.

2. Another thing worth noting is that there are toys out there designed for the shape of a man or a woman or for dual use. This is because some male butt plugs and anchors are shaped to fit a male. Try and buy something that is gender neutral or for you as this will increase your chances of enjoying it.

3. Always make sure you use lube, something plain to start with (avoid the tingle ones) or one of the anal numbing lubes if you are partially anxious. This is so important as it will make the experience much more enjoyable for you and reduce the risk of injury.

4. Use the toilet first and remember to always have a good clean, you will thank me later.

5. Relax and enjoy it. People have told me before that they consider anal play to be something that threatens their sexually by trying it, this is such a false idea which has been planted into peoples minds by bigoted fools. Anal sex or play is just like every other type of sex, an act of love and a source of pleasure.

6. Most of the time, done properly, it shouldn’t hurt and should feel good however for some people it can take some getting used to and for others, they will never get used to it and it won’t be for them but how do you know unless you try?

Have safe fun and check out my review of

The Precious Metals Collection Butt Plug.    Exxx

My husband bought me this plug as a surprise gift for our anniversary last month. I already had one round crystal butt plug but this one meant we could each use one together and I just thought its heart and teardrop shape was so beautiful.

Size: It’s a good length plug with a good girth. When used with water-based* lube it slides in with ease and sits snuggly against your ass. It is tear-shaped designed for easy insertion and has a smooth surface. The total length is 7.25cm/2.95”, the widest point is 2.8cm/1.10”. The plug has a nice weight to it and weighs 70g.

*So far we have only tried this with water-based lube although the toy itself can also be used with silicone and oil based lubricants as well.

Materials: The plug is made from Aluminium alloy metal, which also has a really nice cool sensation. I would imagine the thrill of the cold would be heightened if the plug itself had been stored in a cold place. The plug comes with a drawstring bag for storage and the plug is well made and feels of good quality.

Use: Both me and my husband enjoyed using it and we ended up using it on me whilst we had sex, which was great as it gave the feeling of double penetration for me and also for my hubby who could feel the hard texture against him inside me. It also heightened the sensations of toy play and felt amazing when used you with a rabbit style vibrator. It’s also comfortable to go out wearing and is discreet. The husband loved wearing it whilst receiving a blowjob.

Thrills: It felt amazing for both of us and my hubby said he would highly recommend it. It’s our new go toy.

Cost: It costs £14.99 and comes in gold or silver metal. You can also purchase a larger sized plug for £16.99.

Where to buy:

You can find the plug we tried at:

Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug

Larger size available at:

Precious Metals Gold Anal Plug-Large


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