The Life of Riley Part One – Erotica – NSFW – 21+

She lay alone in the dark listening to the sound of her own heartbeat and the wind howling at the windows. It was still early in the afternoon but the winter made for dark afternoons. She lived for days like these, she found that these were the times that the wind blew in clarity to […]

The Bath – Erotica Short – NSFW – 21+

  She sank into the deep stand alone bath and hot bubbles caressed her soft naked skin. The water slipped over her legs, warming her instantly. Her head sank back against the cold edge of the bath. The chill reaching the bones of her neck and making her nipples harden as they poked through the […]

Couples Alive ‘Luna’ Double Ended Dildo Review

  Double ended silicone dildo with a flexible design. It’s made from Silicone and is Hypoallergenic. L25cm D: 2.8cm. @hotchubbywife1 – I really enjoy using this toy. We have found that it was good for female and male solo play and also for couples play. The shape sits perfectly against your G and P spot. […]