Mutual Appreciation – Erotica Short 18+

It’s true my mother always said I should have a warning label. It was not fair to a man, not to warn him him of my qualities. I had never met my match until now.

Tonight was the night I was going to make my neighbours dream come true. I live in a high rise city apartment, my bedroom backs out to an alley and faces another identical apartment block.

Two weeks ago, I got a new alley neighbour, our apartments were on the same level which meant we could see right into each other’s places. It kind of bonds you that kind of thing. My previous neighbor was an old lady who would come round for tea. She had moved closer to her family and a fortnight later I found myself faced with a very handsome man in just his boxers looking at me shocked and embarrassed.

I hadn’t realised anyone was due to move in so soon after her. On that first night he turned the lights out as soon as he saw me looking. I could still feel him watching me in the dark between a crack in the curtains.

My bed was close by the window so I could see straight into his bedroom. I curled up in my bed, the side lamp on reading a book. I could feel his eyes burning into my skin as I slipped my tshirt off and covered myself with a sheet.

I yawned loudly and put down my book. I removed my glasses and turned the light off. I wondered if he watched me sleep and the idea made me wet.

For the next two weeks I gave him a generous show of me getting undressed. He was single, shy and home most evenings. Yesterday I got home from a night out and got undressed and for the first time he didn’t even hide the fact that he was watching and he stood naked at his window in full view with a massive erection.

Tonight it was my turn to return the favour. When I got in, I closed all the curtains, cutting him off from seeing his usual view. I peeked through my curtains and saw him sat in a chair pulled up to the window waiting for me. He was wearing the grey boxers I liked.

I opened my curtains and slid the window open, it was a warm evening and I smelt the city night air on the breeze. I got in bed naked, and rolled onto my side, my bare ass facing the window.

As I looked back through the window I could see that he was still sat there waiting for me. His hand was over his boxers, so I knew he had a good view of me. Making sure my legs faced the window, I spread them apart revealing my wet pussy. He stood up, his erection now clearly visible, his face against the glass and his cheeks flushed.

He slid his window open and leaned on the frame and watched as I stroked my clit for him. I could see his eyes burn as he watched me get wetter and suck my own nipples. His eyes rolled back in his head and I saw his hand slip down his pants. He stood there wanking through the window watching me finger myself and then licking them clean.

I watched as his cum hit the window frame and the sound and grunt of him cumming echoed down the alley.

I stood up and approached the window and shouted across “Same time tomorrow?”, “Hell yes!” he replied.

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